Your Life & Career

At VCU Career Services, we affirm and celebrate all members of the VCU community. We are committed to creating an environment where all are welcomed, respected, and supported as they contribute their unique and important ideas, skills, and perspectives to the world. 

As a team committed to continual learning and growth, we will continue to advocate and make positive change that helps open new doors to professional connections for VCU students, alumni, employer partners, and community members. Our staff is dedicated to providing access to services and resources for VCU students and alumni as they:

  • consider career options, 
  • engage in experiential learning, 
  • apply for employment and volunteer positions, and 
  • pursue graduate/professional education.

We are receptive to your continuous feedback. Your engagement with us is essential to fulfilling our mission of empowering all students to lead meaningful careers and lives. We will work hard each day to earn your trust as a source of support along your path to professional success, in alignment with your values, interests, and needs.