2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Outcomes Summary

Due to a shared commitment to excellence, integrity, inclusion, and collaboration, VCU Career Services was successful in achieving a number of important accomplishments during a particularly unique and challenging three-year period.

Learn more about our team's efforts during this time by reading our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Outcomes Summary.

VCS 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Outcomes [ADA-compliant PDF]


Goal 1: Infuse career and professional development into the campus culture.

Career development and career exploration support, experiential learning, and professional endeavors are not solely the job of those working at any of the three Career Services offices at VCU. We feel it is — and rightfully should be — the job of our collective campus community to bolster students’ experiences with considering career possibilities, pursuing opportunities and making thoughtful decisions related to their professional development.

Our aim over the next three years is to find new ways to connect with and provide opportunities to students that have not yet engaged with our office or don’t do so regularly, and those most in need of guidance and support as they navigate the college experience.

Goal 2: Utilize technology to better connect and expand access to career and industry resources.

We want to be known as a hub for relevant career information and a source of knowledge and encouragement for students exploring careers and majors; applying for jobs, internships and graduate school; preparing for interviews; and making career decisions — not just in person, but also 24/7 online.

We are committed to offering more dynamic online content for our stakeholders and finding ways to be more accessible when students need access to our insight and resources. Lastly, we are imagining ways that technology can improve the student experience in our office space and with our events on campus, and are excited about streamlining to better connect and assess our impact.

Goal 3: Enrich VCU Career Services employer engagement and opportunities through data and analytics.

One of the important ways VCU Career Services supports our students and alumni is through creating and bolstering relationships and designing events and programs that provide ways for them to directly access and engage with employers interested in hiring Rams. Our goal is for VCU to become a prime, reliable source of talent for organizations along the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia corridor, and beyond.

We hope to work toward deepening our employer partnerships to create mutual investment and to expand and advance opportunities for students at VCU. From workforce development to helping design the future of careers and organizations that don’t yet exist, we are energized by the possibilities of what more intentional engagement between our office and the employment community will mean for VCU students and graduates, the university, the commonwealth of Virginia and our region.

Goal 4: Research and design a funding strategy to support student experiential learning and professional development.

A common passion for the VCU Career Services team is providing access to a diverse array of experiential learning opportunities that help students make well-informed career decisions, while also understanding that true accessibility means making this type of engagement financially feasible for students across socioeconomic backgrounds.

We hope to put in the research to bring funding options and sources that exist at VCU and beyond into one place and develop a separate and sustainable funding program that our office can manage for the benefit of students.