Off-campus employment

What is the JLD program?

The Job Location & Development, or JLD, program is a federally-funded program that aims to increase access to off-campus employment opportunities for current students. For most students, this means securing and working part-time and/or seasonal jobs. The program offers resources, including connection opportunities, in support of students seeking off-campus jobs and off-campus employers recruiting students.

Each year, employers like those listed below help generate over $800,000 in income for VCU Rams, which is critical to meeting student needs. (Note: This only accounts for the hiring we’re aware of, so let us know if you are an employer or student and want your hiring counted — to help us continue to do what we do.) Of course, student employment opportunities also allow students access to meaningful work experience, relevant skill-building, exposure to a field or industry, professional networking, and much more!

Off-campus employers committed to recruiting current Rams

These employers have done the following in the past two years:

  • Meaningfully connected with the JLD program, such as through a meeting to discuss recruiting VCU students or attending a relevant fair — our Part-Time Job Fair (fall) and/or Seasonal & Part-Time Job Fair (spring); and/or
  • Been supported by the JLD program, such as through our promotion of your job(s), hired current VCU students, and let us know about it through our hiring form, by indicating VCU applicants as hired in your Handshake job posting(s), and/or via email.


  • Should you be on this list but aren’t? Reach out!
  • Have you recently hired current VCU students but we aren’t aware? Let us know.
  • Do you want to connect with us to learn more? Let’s meet!
  • Want to get started recruiting Rams by posting a job in Handshake? Learn more.

Why should I connect with the program, as an employer?

JLD staff connect students to you and your part-time or seasonal hiring needs through recruitment events, support posting in Handshake, connection opportunities, boosting student exposure to your openings, and more. Reach out to get started today: request a meeting, call (804) 827-0409, or email