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Main number: (804) 828-1645
General contact email: careers@vcu.edu
Employers: hirevcurams@vcu.edu

Administration and operations

headshot of Taylor
Taylor Knighting
Operations and Communications Coordinator
Sean Walden
RVA Collab VTOP Project Coordinator

Career counseling & advising

Haley Sims
Senior Associate Director, Career Advising and Discovery


Academic Department Liaison: Undeclared (Humanities & Sciences)

Megan Hollis
Senior Associate Director, Health Sciences Career Advising


Academic Department Liaisons: VCU Health/MCV Campus (All Schools), Postdoctoral Student Services

Krystle Dorsey
Assistant Director, Education and Human Service


Academic Department Liaisons: School of Education (All Majors/Programs), Psychology, History, African American Studies, Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies

Catherine Doyle
Career Counselor, Media, Communications, and Education
Cody Rogalski
Senior Assistant Director, Health & STEM


Academic Department Liaisons: Biology, Forensic Science, Bioinformatics, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Pre-Health

Melinda Snyder
Assistant Director, Public Service and Nonprofit


Academic Department Liaisons: Wilder School (All Majors/Programs), School of Social Work (All Programs), Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics (Humanities & Sciences)

Ashley Worthington
Career Counselor, Pre-Professional Health & STEM


Academic Department Liaisons: Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Headshot under a tree
Virginia Damron
Senior Career Counselor, Health Sciences


Academic Department Liaisons: VCU Health/MCV Campus (All Schools), Postdoctoral Student Services

Robin LaHaye
Career Counselor, Pre-Professional Health & STEM


Academic Department Liaisons: Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and Kinesiology & Health Professions (HPEX)

Employer and experiential development

Danielle Pearles
Senior Associate Director, Employer and Experiential Development
Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl
Assistant Director, Internships and Experiential Programs
Silvana D'Ettorre
Employer Development Manager
Monique Sample
Student Programs & Employer Partnerships Specialist
Aimee Selleck
Aimee Selleck
Job Location & Development Coordinator