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Main number: (804) 828-1645
General contact email: careers@vcu.edu
Employers: hirevcurams@vcu.edu

Administration and operations

Taylor Knighting
Operations coordinator

Career counseling & advising

Sonya Barnes
Assistant director, health sciences career advising


Academic Department Liaison: VCU Health/MCV Campus (All Schools)

Ruth Bravo-Anez
Graduate intern: Career Advising and VCU PRIME

All Majors

Krystle Dorsey
Assistant director, education and human service


Academic Department Liaisons: School of Education (All Majors/Programs), Psychology, History, African American Studies, Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies

Silvana D'Ettorre
Career Counselor, Media & Communications


Academic Department Liaisons: English, Robertson School of Media & Culture (All Programs)

Erin Hanley
Assistant director, exploration & transitions


Academic Department Liaisons: Interdisciplinary Studies, School of World Studies (All Majors/Programs)

Megan Hollis
Associate director, health sciences career advising


Academic Department Liaisons: VCU Health/MCV Campus (All Schools), Postdoctoral Student Services

Cody Rogalski
Senior Assistant Director, Health & STEM Advising


Academic Department Liaisons: Biology, Forensic Science, Bioinformatics, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Pre-Health

Haley Sims
Senior associate director, career advising and discovery


Academic Department Liaison: Undeclared (Humanities & Sciences)

Melinda Snyder
Assistant director, public service and nonprofit


Academic Department Liaisons: Wilder School (All Majors/Programs), School of Social Work (All Programs), Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics (Humanities & Sciences)

Employer and experiential development

Ash Taylor-Beierl
Assistant director, employer and experiential development
Danielle Pearles
Associate director, employer and experiential development
Monique Sample
Coordinator, employer and experiential development
Aimee Selleck
Aimee Selleck
Job location & development coordinator