Mission statement

VCU Career Services empowers undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, alumni, employers and community partners to explore, learn and reach goals that fit their distinct definitions of success. Through purposeful partnerships, innovative interdisciplinary programming, consistent advocacy and providing an inclusive, supportive environment, we aim to:

  • reduce barriers to career and experiential opportunities,
  • promote the development of career readiness skills, 
  • provide access to resources, knowledge and connections, and 
  • equip individuals and organizations to contribute to the current and future world of work, their communities and the broader world. 

Our core values

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Growth, Development and Continuous Improvement
  • Compassion, Care and Helping Others

Learning objectives

Through engaging with VCU Career Services, students and alumni will be able to...

  • Determine their values, skills, and interests and connect them to academic and career choice.
  • Understand how to establish and manage their professional relationships effectively.
  • Communicate the value of their experiences in relation to role, employer, community, and/or industry needs
  • Develop and assess a strategic approach to goal-setting for their career and professional opportunities.
  • Apply career development techniques to pursue their professional options.

Career Counseling & Advising Services

We provide support to help you discover and reach your career goals. Start meeting with us as soon as you arrive at VCU. 

Outcomes data

Review the employment and satisfaction rates of new and soon-to-be graduates.

Our strategic vision

See the vision and goals our team strives to meet.

Employer and experiential development

Learn more about how to recruit VCU students and alumni for jobs, internships, and other professional opportunities, as well as how to build your organization's brand on our campus.

Our team

Meet the career counselors, employer development staff, and administrators who make up VCU Career Services.

Contact us

See how to get in touch with us and schedule career counseling appointments.

Diversity Statement

At VCU Career Services, we affirm and celebrate the diversity of the VCU community. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all are welcomed, respected, and supported as they contribute their unique and important ideas, skills, and perspectives to the world. We actively promote and are deeply invested in the work of diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, multicultural competence, and constant learning.

As a team of individuals representing a diverse set of intersecting identities, we will continue to advocate and make positive change that helps open new doors to professional connections for VCU students, alumni, employer partners, and community members. Our staff is dedicated to providing equitable access to services and resources for VCU students and alumni as they consider career options, engage in experiential learning, apply for employment and volunteer positions, and pursue graduate/professional education.