Part-time and seasonal jobs

Earn while you learn

Are you looking for a part-time and/or seasonal job during your time at VCU? You are not alone. Many students work while attending school to gain relevant experience (and a paycheck) to pair with your education.

Finding the right opportunity takes time, research, quality career documents, interviewing skills, organization, and dedication. Luckily, VCU Career Services has a variety of resources to help in your search for that next opportunity — and dedicated career counselors who can guide you every step of the way.

Why should I work as a student?

There are many reasons students need and want to work while attending VCU. You may identify with some of the following common motivations:

  • Earn money to afford college expenses
  • Develop your resume with relevant professional experience
  • Learn valuable skills that can be applied to future employment
  • Gain exposure to a field or industry to apply your classroom content
  • Connect with employers and build a network of professional contacts

How do I get started?

If you're interested in finding a part-time or seasonal job, we encourage you to do some self-reflection about what kind of job may work best for you while attending VCU. This will help you in your search process because you’ll know what to look for and pay attention to. You can begin by asking yourself:

  • Why am I seeking a job?
  • What do I hope to gain from this work experience?
  • When am I available to work?
  • How will I get to my job?

You can also meet with a career counselor to get help with reflection, your job search, your application materials like a resume or cover letter, and preparing for an interview.

Students are also invited to participate in some of our Career Services programming and events to meet employers and develop job search skills. You can explore events and fairs on Handshake, such as our Part-Time Job Fair held at the start of every fall semester and our Seasonal & Part-Time Job Fair held at the start of every spring semester.

What kinds of jobs are available?

There are lots of opportunities out there for you to explore. Here are a few types you may be considering:

  • On-campus jobs — Jobs on campus involve working for a VCU department or office. You can explore on-campus jobs on Handshake by filtering by on-campus or by searching for “VCU”. (If you know the name of the department or office, you can search for them to view their profile, contact information, and any active postings they have.) You can also review hourly postings on in case an opportunity of interest was not also posted to Handshake. Some units will also have their own student employment web page with more information, like VCU Commons or RecWell.
  • Off-campus jobs — Jobs off campus open up lots of opportunity, as there are an incredible number of organizations and companies in the Richmond region — and others that offer remote positions that you can do from wherever. In reviewing in-person jobs in the area, be sure to consider how you will get to work (via the free GRTC bus, bike, car, scooter, walking, or otherwise), which will depend on your circumstances and preferences. Some sample searches to try on Handshake are jobs within 5 miles of the Commons and remote jobs you can do virtually. You are also encouraged to check out off-campus employers who recruit current VCU Rams for part-time and seasonal jobs.
  • Work-study jobs — Read more about the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program and check your financial aid award in eServices to learn if you’re eligible. If you received a work-study award, you can earn up to your award amount through working a FWS job. The money you earn comes to you as a paycheck, so you get discretion about how to spend it based on your needs. If you received a work-study award, explore on- and off-campus work-study jobs in Handshake, the only place you’ll find FWS jobs. (Questions about award eligibility can be directed to

International students: Please review visa guidelines here and contact GEO with any questions.

How can I search for a job?

Beyond exploring jobs at a job fair or an event like a recruiting session with an employer, you can also search for a part-time or seasonal job on one of these reputable, helpful websites:

Handshake at VCU: A comprehensive search tool to find jobs, internships, research opportunities, volunteer positions, and more. Handshake is available to all VCU students and alumni.

VCUJobs: Use VCU Human Resources’ database of on-campus jobs to search for student-only jobs. Many of these positions are also listed on Handshake.

VCU Health Careers: Seeking to work at the hospital? Positions will sometimes be posted on Handshake, but you will still be directed to apply in VCU Health’s careers platform.

Aramark: Search for "VCU" on Aramark Careers to view active openings for food/dining service roles on campus.

Indeed: Search this job site based on geographic preference and job type or title.

SnagAJob: Based in Richmond, Virginia, this site helps hourly workers find jobs they love — and helps hourly employers find the best people for their jobs.

Nonprofit Job Finder: This site provides information, resources and instant access to nonprofits, civic leaders, volunteers and others interested in improving Metro Richmond. The Job Finder is a great place to find local area jobs and internships focused on the nonprofit community.

Capango: The reinvented retail and restaurant recruiting job search engine that’s like a dating app – but for jobs. This app connects you to employers in the area with part-time work opportunities.

Have you been hired?

Let us know here. Your job reporting helps us continue to make possible student-employer connections.