VCU Career Champions

The VCU Career Champions training program is designed to provide faculty and staff with helpful tools, theories, and resources to draw upon when supporting students through their career development, experiential learning, and job search process. Everyone who participates will be recognized as a VCU Career Champion and receive a certification sticker similar to other programs on-campus such as Safe Zone, Rams in Recovery, Green Zone, etc. The program was originally piloted in Fall 2021 in alignment with the VCU Career Services Strategic Plan, and was revamped and relaunched in Fall 2023 with a one-session format to maximize sustainability and scalability for our campus community. 

Our list of current VCU Career Champions can be found below. If you are interested in attending a future training session, please contact Samara Reynolds, Executive Director, to be added to our outreach list. We plan on hosting trainings at least once per semester, including over the summer, moving forward. 

VCU Career Champions (updated January 30, 2024)


Campus Unit/Department

Andy Kandell University Academic Advising
Alexandra Reckendorf Political Science
Amber Cummings University Academic Advising
Amy Leap Global Education Office
Anette Loughran-Fjeldstad Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Ashley Carlson Admissions
Aubrey Martin Biology
Audrey Short Global Education Office
Brian McTague Writing Center 
Brian Wynder University College/Focused Inquiry
Bridget Prince Campus Learning Center
Caddie Alford English
Carrie Coberly Political Science
Cathryn Coffey University Academic Advising 
Christina Marino Global Education Office
Edna Renee Macbeth University Academic Advising
Edwin Funes Financial Aid & Scholarships
Erin Brown Graduate School
Gabriel Driver Office of Student Leadership and Engaged Learning
Garrett Knudson Athletics/Student-Athlete Development
Greg Miller University Academic Advising
Ian Coyle Transfer Center
Jasmine Kaur Financial Aid
Jeff Diritto Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Jenn Arce Enterprise Marketing and Communications
Jessica Clary Student Media Center/Division of Student Affairs
Jimmie Gahagan Student Affairs - Transformative Student Experiences
Jon Waybright School of World Studies
Jonathan Fuller Office of Student Leadership and Engaged Learning
Juliana Rasnic College of Humanities & Sciences
Kate Nash English
Kaylynn Hill Office of Student Leadership and Engaged Learning
Kent Case University Academic Advising
Laura Ellwein Fix Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Leigh Ann Craig  History
Lucy Hudson Psychology
Mariah Maxwell Campus Learning Center
Megan Hodge VCU Libraries
Meredith Sisson National Scholarship Office
Nick Kuklinski Chemistry
Nicole Torres School of Education
Peter Henry Office of the Provost/ Mellon Pathways
Rebecca Halligan Office of Student Leadership and Engaged Learning
Sarah Burton-Everette School of Social Work
Shari Garmise Community Engagement
Steph Vennetti Wilder School
Stephanie Tignor Global Education Office (Global Learning)
Sylvia Rozario Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Tara Smith University Academic Advising
Tim Marker University College