About Us

VCU Career Services serves more than 26,000 students and more than 100,000 alumni across both VCU campuses. Through individualized career and professional development, we bridge VCU with industry by delivering relevant services and providing success strategies. We build and maintain community relationships through strategic engagement including evaluation, intentional outreach, and active collaboration.

Our focus is to educate and cultivate the diverse VCU communities advancing sustainable career and professional development in a competitive global economy.  


We value

PROFESSIONALISM: We are competent and dedicated professionals who bring integrity to the work and services we provide.

COLLABORATION: We enhance our current relationships and create new strategic alliances for the benefit of all of our audiences.

EDUCATION: We pursue professional growth and development to empower the VCU community through the dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of skills.

INCLUSION: We recognize, respect and tailor success strategies to the unique needs of our diverse population to ensure that all people are valued and differences are appreciated as assets.

REFLECTION:We are introspective as we assess our past in an effort to give context to our present work and to enhance our future effectiveness.


Our strategic plan

  1. Establish a career curriculum to foster learning by emphasizing self-directed resources and on-demand services resulting in increased access to and utilization of VCU Career Services.
  2. Enhance and increase the level of existing employer engagement and develop new partnerships with local, regional, national and international employers.
  3. Increase the number of and effectiveness of initiatives that prepare students and connect members of the VCU communities with the healthcare sector
  4. Develop VCU Career Services experiential learning standards, structure, and guidelines to create an enriched educational experience and to provide direction and professional success    strategies
  5. Provide alumni with sustainable career services and with student engagement opportunities to develop a career and professional network and to encourage VCU involvement.
  6. Evaluate and increase career center staff knowledge of the unique needs of identified student populations.

July 2016 marked the end of our three-year "Redefining Career Services" strategic plan. To learn more about how we did, read our Strategic plan summary. The next phase of our evolution is underway.