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Employer Advisory Board

VCU Career Services is seeking to enhance our partnerships through discussion and collaboration. Our goals are to enhance relationships among employers, Career Services and the University; to provide information to strengthen employer brand recognition efforts; and to solicit feedback for the effective delivery of career services to employers and students.

Topics may include:

  • Best practices regarding employer engagement and recruitment processes.
  • Guidance on the skill sets and employability factors students must possess to be successful in the workplace.
  • Current economic and business trends and how they relate to the recruitment process.
  • Experiential learning opportunities and programs.
  • Employer needs and perspectives and how a university can best meet these.
  • How to best prepare students to succeed during their internship and job search, plus expectations for success once they are hired.
  • Generate new ideas.

If you would like to learn more about advisory board struction and benefits, please read through the Employer Advisory Board Outline. For questions about advisory board participation, please contact our employer relations and experiential development team at

2020-21 Board