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Career Fairs & Events

VCU hosts career fairs during fall and spring semesters. Each fair offers for students and alumni the opportunity to network with employers from a wide range of industries. More information about career fairs and participating employers can be found in Handshake.

Although professional dress is not required to attend these events, it is recommended in order to support your best first impression with employers.

How to register for a career and internship fair 

Register for any of our career fairs through Handshake. If you would like to discuss networking during a career fair, update your career materials, or update your professional wardrobe before attending a career fair, stop by for drop-in hours, Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Upcoming events from VCU Career Services

Select an event title below to learn more and sign up via Handshake!

Gap Year Considerations for Pre-Professional Health Students

Thinking about taking a gap year between VCU and your next step? Come learn strategies to make the best decision for your long term goals. July 6:

Exploring Majors & Career

Tuesday, July 7, 11:00 - 11:45 am | Learn more about yourself using our free resources. We will show you tips for figuring out what to major in, as well as explore what you can do with your major. We'll also cover how to use our free resources to learn more about potential careers of interest to you. Zoom Registration Link:

How to Develop the Skills All Employers Want and Get “Career Ready”

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has surveyed hundreds of organization leaders across industries over the years, and this session will cover the main skills and competencies employers say they want most in any new hires. We will also help you think about how to develop these skills during your time at VCU, and effectively share them in resumes, cover letters, interviews, and more. Students, PLEASE USE YOUR VCU EMAIL ADDRESS to register. Zoom Registration Link:

How to Network Your Way Into an Internship, Job, or Professional Opportunity

| Tuesday, July 14th 12:00-12:30pm | While there are lots of great postings for jobs and internships on Handshake and other websites, 80% of professional opportunities are still secured via “networking” -- connecting with an actual person to express your interest and learn more about how you could be a good fit for current or future roles. This session will prepare you to proactively put yourself “in the right place at the right time” to learn about jobs, internships, and more, building skills in an area that will be useful to you as a student and throughout your professional life. To register, use this link:

Demystifying Cover Letters

You find a job posting you want to apply for, but then you see they are asking for a cover letter along with your resume -- don’t let that keep you from going for what you want! Cover letters can help you stand out from the crowd during the application process, and we will share our best advice for putting together a cover letter that compliments your resume and highlights your strengths. Link:

How to Knock Your Interview Out of the Park In-Person or Remotely

Wednesday, July 15, 10:00 - 11:00 am | While a great resume and cover letter can help you get the interview, it’s a successful interview experience that gets you the job! With new social distancing restrictions, your next job or internship interview may well be held remotely (via phone or video platform), and we want to prepare you to feel confident in any interview setting. This session will focus on tips and strategies on how to have a strong interview, whether in-person or remotely. Zoom Registration Link:

VCU Link: Connecting with VCU Alumni for Flash Mentoring & Career Advice

VCUAlumni has created a customized tool for students to connect with VCU graduates for career advice and “flash mentoring” opportunities, VCU Link. This system makes it easy for everyone involved, with virtual meetings and template outreach messages available right through the system. This session will give a tutorial for how to get started with and best use VCU Link for networking and exploration. Students, PLEASE USE YOUR VCU EMAIL ADDRESS to register. Zoom Registration Link: