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Refine Your Interviewing Skills

Whether on the phone, via Skype or in person, the interview is your opportunity to seal the deal and land the opportunity of your dreams. The first impression you make is essential to your being chosen to fill the open position. Interview preparation and practice are the most important steps you can take to ensure a positive interview experience.

Take advantage of InterviewStream, a Web-based interview-practice resource that offers free, unlimited usage of a virtual mock interview program and our behavioral interviewing guide while you prepare!

Review some of the information below on the ins and outs of what to do before, during and after an interview, as well as an overview of the types of interviews you may encounter.


Have an interview coming up?

Practice with one of our career advisors by scheduling a one-hour mock interview - we will help you prepare to answer interview questions and offer tips to help you make an excellent impression.

Please email a copy of your resume and the job description to the advisor you are meeting at least 24 hours prior to your mock interview.