In our effort to maintain the integrity of recruiting at VCU, our three career centers — VCU Career Services, School of Business Career Services and School of Engineering Career Services — have developed standards for all recruitment and postings in HireVCURams, our online recruitment database.

All posts must adhere to the following standards:

1. Contact integrity

All opportunity postings must include an email address, phone number and location for the company’s contact.


  • Email should be tied to the organization and not listed with a free Web-based address (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc)
  • Phone must be tied to a company contact and not a generic (800) number
  • Physical address must be present and verifiable; no P.O. Box addresses accepted

2. Third-party recruiters (employment agencies, search firms and contract recruiters)

All agencies/recruiters must disclose the client’s name to Career Services staff before the posting will be accepted in HireVCURams. The posting itself does not have to include the client’s name, and Career Services staff will not reveal your client’s identity to interested candidates.

3. Resume referral firms and job/internship board websites

All postings in HireVCURams must be tied directly to an individual employer. Postings from resume referral firms or independent job/internship board websites designed for the collection of resumes on behalf of a large number of employers will not be accepted into the HireVCURams system.

4. National Association of Colleges and Employers recruiting standards

NACE Principles for Professional Practice are the guiding principles for VCU’s career centers’ recruiting practices. All employers are expected to be familiar with these principles and guidelines, including nondiscrimination and EEO hiring practices.

5. Internship guidelines

Internship positions fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act. All employers are encouraged to review the U.S. Department of Labor fact sheet to ensure that an internship in your organization is in line with federal law.

The VCU career centers support and promote internship opportunities that are designed as learning experiences for the student and provide a knowledgeable and trained supervisor.

6. Work authorization

In compliance with federal and state law, the VCU career centers do not permit the use of work authorization, visa status or citizenship data as a filter on postings in HireVCURams. This action is in compliance with a Department of Justice determination. More information can be found at the Department of Justice website.

VCU’s career centers assume that a prospective employer will advise all job applicants about the employer’s responsibilities regarding any specific job requirements in order for the employer to be in compliance with the various U.S. national security or export control statutes that might affect the position being posted. Volunteering this information could occur at the time of application or when a prospective applicant makes a position-specific inquiry.

7. Work in private homes and remote positions without direct supervision

All employers posting in HireVCURams must provide a business license number, if requested. Any position where a student will be working remotely and at a distance from the direct supervisor will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

8. Marketing and advertising within HireVCURams

HireVCURams and the career centers’ social media feeds (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) are designed to connect students to career readiness programming, internships, co-op and job opportunities. No advertising is allowed for products and services other than to draw interest to active job/internship posting(s).

9. No buy-ins or fee-for-service

Absolutely no postings will be accepted if applicants must pay or purchase access for opportunities or a position that requires a potential employee to provide funds to a supervisor or other company representative for services. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for legitimate organizations that facilitate the opportunity for college students and graduates to work abroad outside of their home country.

10. Independent contract (1099) and commission-only positions

We welcome independent contract and commission-only positions; however, this detail of the position must be stated clearly in the job description.

11. Student contact

Please contact students who apply for your opportunities. Additionally, when you contact students by email or phone, clearly state the organization you represent and the position you are contacting them about.

12. Application procedures

The application procedure must be clearly stated. No phone applications are accepted through HireVCURams.

13. Adult entertainment

No adult entertainment industry positions, escort services, presentation modeling or similar activity associated with the use of alcohol or other drugs will be accepted.

14. VCU career centers’ rights

VCU’s career centers strive for open access and connections between students and employers. However, we reserve the right to accept or deny any position or recruiting organization based upon internal criteria. Additionally, we may deny or remove access rights for organizations that do not meet the above standards or do not match the mission of VCU or its career centers.